Business Management + Entrepreneurship

From idea generation to market research, study problems facing a real business and pitch your creative solutions.

Putting a spectacular idea into action, creating a business plan, and building and leading a successful team is complex and challenging work. Enter the business consultant, the “secret ingredient” to success for many organizations. As part of a consulting team, you’ll learn about effective leadership strategies, models for developing and testing new ideas, and persuasive communication techniques that will give you a competitive edge. Engage with business leaders and industry experts who have secured investors, launched businesses, and scaled companies. Learn from their successes and (more importantly) from their missteps, and apply your knowledge to analyze and propose solutions for a real problem facing a small business or startup. As your culminating project, you and your team will pitch your innovative solutions to a panel of business leaders and executives.

This course meets daily for two hours.

In This Course You Will

  • Develop business strategies using the Business Case Study Method created by Harvard Business School

  • Master the consulting case interview using techniques taught by Marc Cosentino, author of Case in Point

  • Participate in interactive sessions led by business leaders and experts

  • Work in a small team to conduct market research, use advanced data analytics and complete a SWOT analysis in order to create an innovative business solution for an actual business. Present your solution to the business owners or investors or a panel of industry leaders.

Visiting Faculty + Advisors

Marc Cosentino

Owner, Burgee Atlantic +

How well you do on your case interview often determines whether you will be hired at a major consulting firm. For two decades, Marc Cosentino’s work has towered over the field of case interviews. The Wall Street Journal calls his book Case in Point the “MBA Bible”, which is one of the many reasons why Cosentino is the world’s foremost authority on case interviewing. He has coached more than 100,000 job seekers and regularly presents at the world’s top business schools and consulting firms. He has consulted with and designed cases for private sector firms, government agencies and nonprofits. Cosentino is a graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School, Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, and the University of Denver.

Nicole Chang

Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council Member + President/Owner, Coder’s School Los Angeles + Global Business Consultant

Nicole Chang is a branding and global expansion strategist who has served in leadership positions at Morgan Stanley, McKinsey, and Stanford Business School. An entrepreneur in her own right, Nicole has co-founded several companies, is involved in the international art market, and recently produced a short film about Stanford GSB graduates in China.

Andy Boynton

Dean, Boston College Carroll School of Management

Andy Boynton is the Dean of the Boston College Carroll School of Management and an expert in innovation, leadership, and strategy. He is the best-selling author of The Idea Hunter: How to Find the Best Ideas and Make them Happen, and his perspectives on leadership and innovation are regularly featured on

J.D. Schramm

TED Speaker + Stanford Graduate School of Business Lecturer

J.D. Schramm is a Lecturer in Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business and is an expert in the fields of strategic communication, reputation management, and thought leadership. Prior to Stanford, Schramm was a Clinical Associate Professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business.