Tiny Home Design + Engineering

Welcome home, kids! But wait… your new house is the size of your old bedroom.

Where will you sleep? How could you possibly fit all 20 pairs of shoes in your kitchen/bedroom? Is that a closet, or a bathroom? Tiny houses are solving problems around the world from homelessness to the environment — but in this course you will solve the problem of fitting your great big life into this tiny house. You’ll come up with designs for multifunctional furniture, like a table that transforms into your bed. Engineer storage solutions that maximize your minimalist space (and don’t require you to give away all of your toys). Choose interior colors that can give your home a cozy vibe and help the space seem (at least slightly) more spacious. It’s a big challenge, but your creativity and innovative ideas will turn this tiny house into home sweet home.

This course meets daily for 90 minutes.

In This Course You Will

  • Create architectural plan view drawings

  • Explore architectural form and function within the constraints of a tiny home design

  • Learn how to craft a rendering of your final vision

  • Use math, physics, and art to construct scale models of your designs

Required Materials

Tiny Home Design + Engineering students will receive a Curiosity in Action™ box with most necessary materials. Basic grocery store or household items may be required for some sessions. A detailed list of what’s included in your box and other household items can be found here.

This course requires us to ship the Curiosity in Action™ Box to arrive prior to program starting. Due to current international shipping constraints, we are unable to deliver to addresses outside of the continental United States.

We ask that students enrolled in this course have access to a desktop or laptop computer and a stable internet connection. A printer is recommended, but not required.