Discover the world of people and ideas!

Get ready for new skills and interests that you’ll discover through projects in art, science, nature, engineering, and team building – you may even discover something new about yourself! Create your own imaginary creature, and engineer its habitat from your own imagination. Construct an artistic cityscape of cubes or explore the culture behind clay mask making. Engineer a new toy and discover how wind energy works. Join your new friends and get ready to find out all there is to discover together!

This class will meet for 60 minutes before taking a 30minute break and then resuming at 11:30a.m. EDT. for the second hour of class.

In This Course You Will

  • Discover confidence through self-expression and creative thinking

  • Feel secure in group structure and routine while embarking on a new adventure everyday!

  • Find your voice as a leader (and a listener!) during various team-building challenges

  • Gain independence as you practice problem-solving skills during engaging projects

Required Materials

Discover! students will receive a Curiosity in Action™ box with most necessary materials. Basic grocery store or household items may be required for some sessions. A detailed list of what’s included in your box and other household items can be found here.

This course requires us to ship the Curiosity in Action™ Box to arrive prior to program starting. Due to current international shipping constraints, we are unable to deliver to addresses outside of the continental United States.

We ask that students enrolled in this course have access to a desktop or laptop computer and a stable internet connection. A printer is recommended, but not required.