Creativity Challenges

Challenge One: help Captain Hook sprinkle salt and pepper on his breakfast — at the same time.

Challenge Two: turn a cereal box into a fully functioning marble maze. Challenge Three… well, you get the idea. From theater and the arts to science and engineering, the daily challenges in our Creativity Lab will bend your mind and stretch your creative muscles. You’ll quickly discover that there are no “correct” solutions — and that half the fun is coming up with your own unique way of solving each problem. So what will you do when challenged to design your own candy bar? And how will you protect unsecured marshmallows from touching the ground as they are hurled into space? Join us in the Creativity Lab and get ready to be surprised by your solutions.

This course meets daily for 90 minutes.

In This Course You Will

  • Apply basic physics principles to bring your designs to life

  • Become an inventor of wild and unusual creations

  • Develop creative thinking skills for outside-the-box solutions

  • Uncover the basic principles of engineering and design

Required Materials

Creativity Challenges students will receive a Curiosity in Action™ box with most necessary materials. Basic grocery store or household items may be required for some sessions. A detailed list of what’s included in your box and other household items can be found here.

This course requires us to ship the Curiosity in Action™ Box to arrive prior to program starting. Due to current international shipping constraints, we are unable to deliver to addresses outside of the continental United States.

We ask that students enrolled in this course have access to a desktop or laptop computer and a stable internet connection. A printer is recommended, but not required.